Bird Trees Round Ceramic Ornaments

This artwork is very much inspired by my wife Natasha Evans. She finds beauty in this unique view. This artwork is a play on a photography series she has. Her concept is we are so used to looking forward and backwards and downwards…but how often do we look upwards? A whole new world right above our head. Can you see the hidden image in this artwork?


Artwork by Kevin O’Connell



Make your tree hip, traditional, or funky to suit your unique style. A set of custom-made ornaments can be the perfect heirloom to use year after year, generation after generation. These ceramic ornaments attach securely to the tree to ensure that they’re cat- and child-proof.

.: 0.15″ (4mm) thick high-quality porcelain
.: One sided print
.: Hanging hole
.: Gold toned string included


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